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Alltaghelfers’ Philosophy

Our daily life is characterized by rapid changes, bustle and lack of time. Based on our experience of life, we, Caroline and Marie-Claire Steffen, the owners of Alltaghelfer, which is the German word for Daily Helpers, are managing a reliable company whose vision is to take care of all you daily challenges and problems – especially for elderly people, working people and small businesses.

Working professionals: Do you feel sometimes you don’t have enough time, everything is important and needs to be done right away? Juggling work, family and the household demands a lot of energy and is a full-time job. Our mission is to help working people get more free time for themselves by discharging them from all household tasks.

Seniors: Although many elderly people are healthy and live in their own homes, daily chores are more difficult to do and help is needed to manage all those small things in life. Many also face other social issues around retirement, loneliness since their beloved ones live not as near and have limited time. In addition, they are confronted with continuously developing technologies that become more and more complex and may overstrain them. We support elderly people with the daily chores, care and bringing more security to their everyday life. We also assist the sons and daughters in caring for their parents.

Small businesses: Competition is fierce, you as a business owner to you feel sometimes that you don’t have enough time for all the necessary administration, correspondence, assurance matters and other office work? But for a personal administrator there is not enough work to occupy them the entire day? Don’t worry, we are available to step, be it once a week or once a month. We also do your office work - professionally and reliable.

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Our company is located in Basel and Zurich and aiming to expand to other locations in Switzerland. Our values, quality and trustworthiness, are the foundation of our company. Our team members are discreet and reliable and professional. 


We are trustworthy and we take care of your daily needs, just to make life a bit easier for you.“


Your Alltaghelfer Contact

We are Caroline and Marie-Claire Steffen, sisters and the founders of Alltaghelfer. 

Our idea was born during a personal emergency, as our mother had an accident and wasn’t as mobile for a while. We realized how difficult such a situation can be for the entire family. Suddenly being confronted with additional new tasks, like driving our mother to doctor appointments, doing groceries, cleaning of an extra apartment and more, in the same time working fulltime and caring for our own family.
Our idea to start „Alltaghelfer“ came up as a result of this experience. Not all parents can count on their children and not all children live close to their parents. And, due to their professional commitment, they are sometimes simply overburdened with such sudden extra tasks.  

See us as your trustworthy, experienced and reliable partner. We have a lot of empathy and comprehension for your personal situation – from our own experience as working people, daughters and small business owners. We look forward to supporting you in your daily life.

Caroline and Marie-Claire Steffen

Caroline and Marie-Claire Steffen


That’s how Alltaghelfer work

Have a look at our Services and Packages! Please contact us, and we will assist you with the best packages to cover all your required needs. 
The provision of the caring services is managed by our team. You can decide whether you want to deposit the key or hand it out personally. 
We are true to our values of integrity and trustworthiness and it is self-understood that we handled with utmost confidentiality, security and quality.


References and Recommendations

Off-the-cuff, I had to go on a business trip and I am grateful for Alltaghelfer’s rapid reaction and support with my pets.
Sara Kälin, Zurich

Thanks to your service, I no longer have to handle my laundry. I enjoy the extra-time and warmly recommend this service – fantastic!
Philip Hausmann, Basel

It’s good to know that my pets can stay at home and don’t have to move when I’m absent. Great service, merci!
Klaus Poffet, Zurich
My mother loves the pleasant care by Alltaghelfer – and I’m relieved to know that a reliable person accompanies my mother to her appointments.
Claudia B, Binningen